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How to show the latest posts on pages with shortcode on WordPress sites

I had a customer who wanted to show the latest posts on a WordPress page between the static texts. WP doesn’t offer a solution for this out of the box, but I came across a shortcode function via John Turner that solves the problem, which can be found below:

WordPress - Show latest posts via shortcode on pages

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How to fix 404 errors on WordPress websites

Sometimes, one day everything is good and the next you can no longer access post or pages on a WordPress website. Instead you’re met with a 404 error message. This can be a real nuisance, so how do we go about fixing this problem?

WordPress - How to fix 404 errors

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WordPress has been hacked. What do you do?

WordPress sites are constantly under attack by hackers and script kiddies. And quite often these attacks are successful and end up compromising a Web page. This can result in these websites being kicked out of the Google index in order to avoid further corruption. So what you do when your WordPress site has been hacked?

WordPress was hacked. What do you do?

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26 Tips on how to optimize the speed of your website

Optimizing a website for speed is the best way to improve the surfing experience of a sites visitors. Doing so improves the bounce rates, page views and visits per hour to the website. Google will thank you by providing site owners with better page rankings. The following possibilities should be considered to optimize your website’s speed.

Tips how to make your website faster

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Optimize the security of your WordPress website – Part #1

Of course when it comes to websites, companies take care in finding designers, developing a good concept, search engine optimization, conversions and many other important factors. However they often overlook one important issue: How to optimize the security of their WordPress website. In this article I will discuss the essential actions you need to take, to make a WordPress installation safer.

WordPress Security Part #1

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WordPress: Adding sidebars per page or post

Sidebars and widgets are, in my opinion, the most brilliant features in WordPress. They allow for creative individuality and give a means to accessing information that may not fit into an article or a websites content. Above all, their real value is in the fact that you can incorporate different sidebars for each post on your blog or each page of your website.

WordPress: Adding Sidebars per page or post

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Embed Google Maps with shortcode in WordPress

Most companies provide directions to their location on their websites. The following instructions offer a simple way to install a map of your company’s location in Google Maps via shortcode in WordPress.

Embed google maps in wordpress via shortcode

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What to do when you forgot your WordPress administrator password

It happened, you forgot your WordPress admin password. But its not the end of the world as long as you have access to your installation database. Here is a solution to regain your administrator password in WordPress.

Forgotten WordPress Password - what to do now...

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The 25 Best WordPress Plugins

As a WordPress developer I’m bombarded daily with the selection of amazing WordPress plugins. Here are my top 25 favorite. As of right now, that is …

The top 25 WordPress Plugins

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How to setup a customer area in WordPress?

Almost everyone on the Internet knows about the blog software WordPress or WP for short. But the open source application has long since evolved into more than just a simple tool for creating blogs. WordPress has become one of the best and most advanced content management systems in existence. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use WordPress for their business websites. Now it’s more evident than ever, that many wordpress users need a separate area for customers, to help service them. So how does it all work? I’ll explain.

How to setup a customer area

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